Drinking water gain health back in my hair.


In this post, I will be discussing how drinking water changed my life in a week. I will look at the benefits of drinking lots of water, causes of dehydration, and if water can damage hair. I will also give you my views on the two studies done to seek out if soft or hard water can strengthen hair.

At the end of this post, you’ll find listed titles of recommended books and websites for easy references.

Why this obsession?

In a newspaper article written by Ms By Catherine Le Clair of the New York Times, she reported that carrying a bottle of water, draining and re-filling it is becoming very fashionable. Her story indicated that individuals have gone as far as tracking their consumption in their journal and even using a mobile app to record. It appears like people are obsessed with drinking water.

Do you remember ad campaigns by Evian and Perrier? The concept of bottled water marketed as an up-market light refreshment was first ridiculed. Today bottled water is a big business. If you walk into any supermarket, you get dozens of different brands of bottled water claiming to be spring water, artisan well water or mineral water.

It’s claimed that water helps discharge toxins, promotes glowing skin, makes the hair look shiny, voluminous and supports hair growth. Bottled water or clean water, in general, is currently elevated as the elixir of health!

Should I drink bottled water when tap water is available? According to Healthline – “bottled water is convenient and generally safe, but it’s more expensive and less environmentally friendly than tap water. What’s more, the micro-plastics in some products may pose a health risk”

If you happen to live in Australia, New Zealand or perhaps Singapore,  where you can literally drink off the tap, honestly I don’t see the advantages of drinking bottled water. Maybe in other parts of the world where the quality of tap water is questionable, then perhaps bottled water is the solely substitute.

Drinking water changed my life.

So how did drinking water change my life within a week?

In Oct 2018, I was awakened in the night with severe pain in my toe joint. The joint was tender, swollen and really painful. The swelling was so bad that I struggled to walk a couple of steps. I had it checked with a neighbourhood doctor who confirmed that I had a gout flare-up!

I was given anti-inflammatory drugs and sent home to rest. I immediately did my analysis and found that drinking the right amount of water can exactly flush the uric acid crystals that caused gout, out of my system.

With the help of the Urine Color Chart, I then planned my strategy to stay hydrated daily as I was not prepared to experience the pain once more.

Over the next 7 days, I took the recommended (how much fluid to drink each day chart) 8-12 glasses of water a day. I was well hydrated and going to the toilet every 2-3 hours. The swelling when down and my life was back to almost normal only after 7 days!

Nowadays, I still take an average of 8 glasses of water. That incident triggered off my interest in researching to seek out other benefits of drinking the correct amount of water.

According to Medical News Today, there are many as 15 benefits of drinking the right amount of water every day. These benefits range from lubricating of joints, regulating the body temperature, helping saliva/mucus form, boost skin health and beauty to name a few.

As for health benefits, there are 4 important areas to focus as advocated by Selene Yeager author of the Doctors Book of Food Remedies.

Ward off heart clots – Studies done by Loma Linda University in California, found that men who drank 3-4 glasses of water per day had a 40% reduction in risk of coronary heart disease. Whereas women who drank an equivalent quantity had a 43% risk reduction. Getting 5 or more glasses of water a day cut risk 62% and reduced women’s risk by 39%. The conclusion was that water thins the blood and so cuts clotting while other beverages that need to be diluted draw water from the blood. Once the beverages are diluted it then can be digested by the body.

Liquid movements – It’s suggested that you simply ought to drink 2 glasses of water half-hour before breakfast. This not only hydrates your body but also helps flush out wastes and get your body ready for food. Water helps remove wastes by keeping your stools soft and preventing constipation.

Washing away fatigue – if you don’t drink enough water, the cells in your body start getting dry. The cells will then get water from your bloodstreams, resulting in thicker blood, making it sluggish and thicker to pump. This may force your heart to work harder to pump blood causing you to feel tired.

Weight loss – drinking water can help quell hunger pangs. How does this work? After you drink cold water (40 F or 4.4C), you burn calories as a result of the body having to raise the temperature of the water to 98.6 F(36C). During this process, the body burns 1 calorie per ounce (28.35gms) of water. Thus if you had 8 glasses of water, you are likely going to burn about 62 calories, which will add up to 434 calories per week.

Is water damaging your hair?

According to the Kinetico water system, dehydration immediately halts hair growth. It also suggests that hairs need moisture preferably soft water for hair growth. When it doesn’t get the moisture needed, your hair will split or become brittle.

Conversely, Dr Whitney Bowe introduced a groundbreaking concept called hygral fatigue. This concept claims that water can potentially damage your hair. What happens is that your hair will get wet when you shampoo it. It makes it swell and swollen, making it prone to damage. On top of that, the harsh chemical in the shampoo can cause further breakage. Also when you use heavier products like a conditioner, they coat your hair with a glossy shine but the hair under is not all that healthy. She stressed further that less water exposure and faster drying will result in much healthier hair.

I would recommend using my favourite non-toxic shampoo and conditioner by Pai-Shau which is plant-based using tea blends with jasmine and ylang-ylang. It has antioxidants and rich in vitamins that will soothe the scalp and leaves your hair silky soft.

Can soft or hard water strengthen your hair?

Misleading advertisements are claiming that using soft water can strengthen your hair. Studies have shown that hard water or distilled water has no or little influence on the tensile strength and elasticity of your hair.

A second research study published by the International Journal of Trichology – “To Evaluate and Compare Changes in Baseline Strength of Hairs after Treating them with de-ionized Water and Hard Water and its Role in Hair Breakage” concluded that baseline hair did decrease when treated with hard water as compared to de-ionized water. It seems to me, that the two different studies produced contradicted each other. So whether soft water or hard water causes your hair to fall is yet to be answered. Maybe one day scientists will find the answer.


The Internet, media, books and magazines recommend that drinking 6-8 glasses of water each day is going to keep skin hydrated, hair voluminous and support hair growth. Regrettably in my research, I have yet to find, concrete scientific test results to validate this recommendation.

Nevertheless, I found if there are any other benefits of drinking water for general health. I for one can testify that keeping yourself hydrated is one way to prevent gout flareups.

I hope you found this post enlightening and that it inspires you to share with your friends and relatives. If there is anything I can clarify, please let me know in the comments below!

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