Does Hair Colouring Shampoo Exist?

Do you know if your shampoo has chemical ingredients?

Do you know if your shampoo has chemical ingredients?


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To be honest, it’s difficult to find an all-natural hair dye shampoo, if it exists.

Natural hair color shampoo is a shampoo with no chemicals and synthetics. It only has natural ingredients!

There are plenty of Henna-based and plant-derived hair dyes that can still give you a reasonable result. But these are not shampoos. 

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There are people, including medical professionals, who worry that these so-called natural shampoo dyes may have chemicals with natural products.

Wherever possible, it’s better to avoid these types of chemicals.

More so if your skin is sensitive to any chemicals.

You will want to buy products manufactured with natural or organic ingredients, and no chemicals.

Benefits of Ammonia free hair dye shampoo

 Herbishh shampoo, which is ammonia free hair dye, is available in retail.

This is a hair dye shampoo popular with end-use because ammonia is not used in the product.

The absence of ammonia means your hair shaft will not be swollen to allow the dyes to get in.

Also, ammonia is known to be harsh and can damage your hair. 

You can avoid other side effects of Ammonia.                                                                                                       

  • Ammonia has a pungent smell.
  • It irritates your eyes and nose.
  • It damages and makes your hair dry.
  • It may cause your hair to fall.

Herbishh hair dye shampoo also has 6 other natural ingredients, such as: 

  1. Herbal Mushroom – it helps in reducing premature hair loss and greying. 
  2. Argan Oil – a popular natural ingredient known for preventing dryness in your hair.
  3. Fo-Ti Extract – this helps stimulate hair growth
  4. Noni Extract – this is used to help strengthen hair growth
  5. Ginseng – known for preventing hair loss and clearing dandruff 
  6. Olive oil – it helps soften and strengthen your hair


Herbishh 3-IN-1 Safer Hair Dye – It is claimed this shampoo is ammonia-free, sulfates-free, and parabens-free with no harsh chemicals.  

Comfortable to use – all pre-mixed, simply apply.

This shampoo does not let off any nasty fumes or stain your skin. Simply apply and cover your greys within 10-15 minutes tops. 

Competitively price – the dye lasts up to 3-4 weeks, and you save by doing it yourself at home.

Available in 12 different colours, this 500 ml shampoo dye colour will last for around 10 applications.

Price: US 45.90 excluding shipping and tax

Cheapest place to buy: 

It’s downside. 

I dug deeper into end-user reviews and found majority customers were satisfied, but there were reports of adverse effects. .

One end-user reported on Amazon that she developed allergic reactions after using the products. 

However, people with sensitive skin should do a patch test for 48 hours, to ensure there are no side effects.

If you check on EWG skin deep, PPD, Resorcinol, Propylene glycol and MEA (Monoethanolamide), may cause skin, lung and eye irritation.

I strongly advise you to do your due diligence, even though the manufacturer has indicated their shampoo does not contain Sulphates, Parabens and Ammonia. 


There are many reports on Amazon that this shampoo is a hair dye.

Before you buy something, read the reviews of other people who have bought it. Then decide if that is what you want to buy.

You need to do a patch test to ensure you do not have any side effects, because no two skins are alike!

Even if you get a negative result after the test, you can develop skin rash and eye irritation weeks later.

It is definitely easy to use 3 in 1 hair dye shampoo, no mess, but best of all it is an affordable hair colouring shampoo.

However, there is a caveat, you need to be warned of possible side effects.

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