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If you were to test the labels of hair dyes, there’s an excellent chance of finding the subsequent 5 toxic chemicals:

Hydrogen Peroxide
PPD – para-phenylethylamine

Many manufacturers are attempting their best not to use these chemicals, as there’s more public concern about their future effects on health and the environment.

Product Description

My friends confirmed that HERBATINT does the task without usage of harsh chemicals, like ammonia, resorcinol or parabens.

Best of all, it is alcohol fragrance-free too. This brand was launched in Italy in 1970. In 2015, the Herbatint formula containing 8 biological herbal extracts was successfully tested on sensitive skin. This brand is positioned as “the most natural alternative” among its competitors.


Product: Herbatint.

Price: $17.99
Price: $13.99 ($3.07 / Fl Oz) + No Import Fees Deposit & $12.19 S
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Package contains: 1 Herbatint hair colour get (60 ml or 2 fl oz.). 1 Glycol developer (60 ml or 2 fl oz.) 1 Sample of either Royal cream or shampoo (1/3 fl oz. or 10 ml.) 1 Instruction leaflet.

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My Rank: 8.5 out of 10


The Natural series may be a gentle formula that lightens your natural hair colour up to 2 shades.

There are 8 organic herbal extracts in this dye, which will cover 100% of your greys.

Your hair will be nourished and healthier without those nasty chemicals.

The dye is clinically and dermatologically tested on sensitive skin to ensure that skin compatibility is correct.

You would wish to know that Herbatint made is gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients.

This company does not test their products on animals. And they make sure to make the products that people who don’t eat animal products can buy.

Their packaging is composed of recyclable, uncoated paper.

All their bottles will be covered and used again. You can use what you like, and the balance is saved for the future.

Pretty cool, as there’s little wastage and saves money still.

If you like to do your own hair, Herbatint has a formula that is easy and speedy. It takes 40 minutes to get the perfect result.

You’re in complete control, as you can customize colours to fit your style.


Just remember, all our hairs are different. This dye has all the natural ingredients, but it’s important to do a patch test for more than 24 hours.

You’ll be surprised to notice that some people are allergic to natural herbs without even knowing it.

Better to be safe than sorry, I say.

Another area to think about is that natural hair colouring may dehydrate your hair.

Although this package comes with a conditioner and shampoo, it should not be sufficient for your hair.

So be prepared to get an additional conditioner, like the Royal Cream and Herbartint Shampoo or whatever you utilize for yourself.

I feel the application package needs further improvement.

If you’re doing this for the first time, get a plastic bowl (no metal) and extra towels, because it can get messy when mixing and applying the gel. From users’ comments, this seems to happen often.

If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below or book mark it to return later.


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