The Benefits of Going Bald


Bald man

Bald man

Recent history has been marked by several famous and noteworthy bald men, with Socrates, Gandhi and Churchill most prominent in the popular imagination.

However, for some, baldness is just an unfortunate genetic trait that they can’t do anything about.

Others prefer not to take such things lying down by investing time and money in finding cures.

Some people think about treatments that are only temporary. Such treatments are like toupees and pills. The amount spent so far is more than US$3 billion since 1999.

Society is not as interested in hair transplantation anymore. They want more sensible ways to not seem bald.

Baldness is a complex issue that can be emotionally and psychologically challenging for some. For others, however, it’s liberating and empowering.

This blog post will talk about bald people and how they can change your life. I am going to explore why some people like being bald, why you might want to consider going bald too, and what makes it appealing to them.

What causes hair loss leading to baldness?

People are often curious about why they’re experiencing hair loss.

It’s for this reason that men try to identify the reasons behind their thinning locks or balding head, with some believing it may be due to genetic alopecia (male pattern baldness).

Certain types of male-patterned hair loss are what causes most cases of male baldness and can affect males differently depending on many factors such as lifestyle choices like stress levels, exposure to chemicals/UV rays from cigarettes or alcohol consumption.

In case you want to keep your scalp healthy and improve its appearance, consider taking a look at potential problems that might be affecting your quality of life!

Is it healthy to be bald?

Contrary to popular belief, many bald men are actually at a lower risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

A study found that long-term exposure to large quantities of testosterone, one of the causes for male baldness can slow down tumour development.

Entirely contrary to previous belief, it turns out this hormone prevents cancerous growths from developing in your body instead.

Balding can be very liberating because it frees you from all those pesky hair products like gel or wax made of petroleum that you want to avoid using on your head.

Hairless people usually do not have to worry about dandruff as they do not have long hair that could trap dirt and oil.

Can bald people may live longer?

People are unsure as to whether baldness is a defence mechanism.

What we do know for sure is that when the body doesn’t get enough vitamin D in its diet or from sunlight exposure, it increases the production of another hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

What is DHT?

DHT can cause a number of problems with your hair. In addition to shortening the growth cycle, it also causes thinning and breakage as well as making new hairs take longer to grow after old ones are lost.

This may explain why hairless animals have increased risk factors for prostate cancer.

It could also help us understand how evolution works regarding hormones like testosterone which are known contributors to male pattern baldness.

New research in balding.

Now new research says that balding men are more susceptible to prostate cancer. But why? Maybe it is not because they are balding, but maybe the hair loss is a sign or clue.

Will baldness itself help mitigate some risks for these individuals? The available research on the subject is inconclusive.

It is challenging to accurately measure the rate at which a population will go bald irrespective of attitudes towards the hair.

Differences in lifestyles- such as diet or stress level- can influence whether one coats his or her head with a hat, buds off their hair, or shaves it all away.

The financial benefits of going bald

Going bald has many financial benefits. For instance, you may be able to skip the barber for a few months and save money on haircuts until your hair grows back in.

Any male who doesn’t have any hair can also use gravity to his advantage. This is because he doesn’t need to use products like gel or mousse that would normally hold up thinning curly or straightened hair all day long.

Today, being bald is a fashion statement. Watch this video for more details.

 The psychological benefits of going bald (men and women).

A man with no hair has a healthy scalp and is saving money. It might make him seem masculine too.

Social conditioning teaches that women shouldn’t be bald but a number of women have found that being hairless also has its benefits.

Therefore, men and women have time to do more important things than trying different ways of hiding the fact that they are going bald.

There are several methods for shaving your head.

When it’s time to shave your head, there are a lot of things you should know. First off, how do I go about shaving my head?

Well, the answer is that if you don’t have long hair and want an even cut all around, just use clippers or scissors.

But we recommend using clippers to cut your hair. They are easier than scissors when cutting against the grain because the blades can be adjusted in smaller increments.

That way, no one will notice those pesky stray hairs!

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Three types of shavings

There are three types of shaves available: wet shave (with a razor), dry shave (without cream) and electric/battery powered shaver. In terms of price point, electric battery operated models cost less but provide a less close shave.

A dry shave is the least expensive and does not require water or shaving cream, but it may take some time to develop an even layer of lather on your face while using a hand-held razor.

Dry shaves are hard for people with sensitive skin. This is because they don’t have enough protection against cuts, unlike wet shaves that use soap or moisturizer.

Wet shaves will give you a smoother shave. This is because they use moisturizers such as aloe vera gel and glycerine. You can also get an electric battery operated one instead of using manual razors.

If you don’t have the confidence to do it yourself, you can have a barbershop shave or get it done in a hair salon.

Is shaving your head good for your hair?

Some people say shaving your head can make your hair thicker and longer. Other people say it doesn’t affect their hair at all.

There’s no clear consensus for how much baldness will advance over time if you shave your head with razor blades or electric clippers every day- but most likely, there will be some progression.

However, daily shaves do offer one key advantage: they look better than hairstyles like comb-overs and toupees because they’re completely natural-looking instead of artificial and obvious.

Bald woman

Bald woman

Women who go bald.

You might be surprised to know that there are a lot of women who have gone bald and love it. It’s not just for men!

Presently there are many reasons why women go bald, but the most common is due to hormone changes after menopause or if they have polycystic ovarian syndrome.

The family doctor may prescribe anti-androgen contraceptives which block the production of male sex hormones that cause hair loss as a side effect.

Being a woman, there are many benefits to going bald

For numerous women, hair loss can be an inevitable part of life- but that doesn’t have to stop you from experimenting with your style. Ricki Lake on losing her hair after 30 years said “I had no problem going out and getting my head shaved at this point.”

  • You’ll save time and money on hair products.
  • Less upkeep means less stress.
  •  Having a bald head can be embraced as an opportunity to wear different styles of clothes.
  •  Your scalp will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter because you don’t have any hair to block airflow.

Can a bald woman grow her hair back?

After a woman has gone through the natural hair loss process, she can grow her hair back. But it’ll take time and patience to do so—some people wait up to three years before they see new growth!

Some medicines are also able to stimulate regrowth of lost hair in women, like minoxidil – an oral treatment that has experienced slowing or stopping male pattern baldness.

Sometimes, if alopecia areata occurs on only one side of your scalp you may be prescribed a steroid cream as well as immunotherapy injections.

Other treatments include light therapy that is done by a dermatologist who you have talked to before the surgery. The light will help your hair grow more.

What causes hair loss on a woman’s head?

In my last article “Why do women lose hair?’, I explored the causes and offered possible control on treatments and preventions.

Will I go bald if my dad is female?

No. Your genes do not determine your hair growth pattern. The genetics of baldness in males is different from those in females so you will never go bald if your dad is a woman.

Final thoughts:

Going bald might be the best decision you ever make. I have talked about the benefits of being bald and why it is becoming more popular with people like celebrities.

Whether you are planning to go bald, the above mentioned top reasons may help you decide. Has it occurred to you what life would be like without all those pesky hairs?

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